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Early-stage businesses are often “under-staffed” on the financial end of the management team. But your business can get the benefits of an experienced Chief Financial Officer even if it is not yet ready to employ one full-time. Kunkler Business Services provides cost-effective, outsourced CFO services on a consulting basis to early stage enterprises.

Our CFO services can bring better visibility to your business finances, assist you in sharpening your business vision, and help you communicate your financial story clearly to others.  We offer these part-time CFO services on an hourly, retainer, or project basis. Our fees are flexible, and our services are tailored to fit within your budget parameters; laser-focused where you need it most!

You’ve got a Vision.  Let us help you put the pieces together!

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Latest News

“Employee” or “Independent Contractor?”

Early stage businesses have need for a wide range of services, but not always on a full-time or continuous basis. Using an independent contractor to outsource these services is perfectly legitimate. My services as part-time outsourced CFO is a case in point. However the decision to hire and classify a…

Home Office Deduction – Simplified Option

New Home Office Deduction Rules The home office deduction is one of the most under-utilized tax breaks available to taxpayers. If you use an area of your home regularly and exclusively for business, then you are eligible to deduct a portion of your housing costs.  (And please note that you…

Are You Ready For Disaster?

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning Developing a formal “disaster plan” may seem like an empty exercise or a distraction when you are running full-speed to keep up with the day to day of your business. However, this thought process will prove immensely helpful if you ever face this challenge….